A view from above

The best way to get an overview is from a bird's eye view, which is why we have put together a series of panoramas with Bremen nature reserves for you.

A virtual experience ... see for yourself.

Bird Paradise (Luneplate)

Looking down the river on the right side of the Weser, opposite the town of Nordenham, you can see the nature reserve Luneplate. The landscape is characterized by meadows and pastures, extensive outer dike areas and reed areas in the tidal polder. The former Weser Island, together with the Tegeler Plate south of it in Niedersachsen, is a bird's paradise and an important resting place for birds in the seaside town of Bremerhaven.

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At the Weserbogen (Werderland)

The nature reserve Werderland and Dunger See lies between the great bend of the Weser, which swings downriver to Bremen-Nord, and the area of ​​the steelworks. On the other side of the Weser, in the close neighborhood of the Ochtum estuary, you can see the Rastpolder Duntzenwerder and the Vorder- / Hinterwerder tidal biotope. Adjacent to this is the grassland of the Niedervieland landscape protection area.

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In the middle of the city (Neue Weser)

The small nature reserve Neue Weser is located where the Weser is dammed at the exit of a narrow river arch at the level of the Hastedt / Hemelingen district at the Weser power station. Some renaturation measures can be seen upstream on the banks of the Weser. Together with other areas under landscape protection and the Werdersee, they offer habitats for birds, fish and plants and are local recreation areas close to the city.

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Attractive location (Hollerland/Untere Wümme)

Several protected areas on the northern edge of Bremen can be seen in this panorama: the Hollerland nature reserve (Leher Feld), criss-crossed by 90 km of ditches that are used for drainage and irrigation and are home to species-rich vegetation. To the west of this is the landscape protection area Blockland-Burgdammer Wiesen, on the northern edge of which is the nature reserve Untere Wümme with a natural river course that runs in wide loops. On the eastern edge, following the course of the Untere Wümme, you can see the nature reserve Borgfelder Wümmewiesen.

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