The ditch in "Hollerland" ©A.Nowara
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kingfisher  ©L. Ritzel
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Observation Luneplate©A.Nowara
Borgfelder Wümmewiesen ©A. Nowara
Hollerland © BUND A.Schoppenhorst
Knabenkraut ©A. Nowara
Hammersbecker Wiesen ©A. Nowara
Luneplate in Bremerhaven ©A. Nowara

»Experience of nature«

Discover. Experience. Protect.

Welcome to the internet presentation of the Bremen nature conservation authority on the experience of nature in and around Bremen.

Flat green country, open, wind-moved sky, rivers and countless ditches shape the North German scenery. The country is a recreation area for the people living here and home of many animals and plants.

On the german pages you will find tips for natural experience, informations about the nature reserves in Bremen, about what the European Natura 2000 Network is, why biodiversity is so important and where you can find the honorary nature-conservation-guard in Bremen. You can download the newest publications about nature experience in our Infothek or order it by e-mail.

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Note: Nature reserve Luneplate

Please note: The access to the parking site at the »Ehemalige Hofstelle« is closed due the disrepair of the bridge over the »Alte Weser« until the finishing of a new bridge until probably 2019. Please use until then the parking site in the northeast of the »Luneplate« at the former »Lunesiel«. It is still possible to cross the bridge by bike or on foot.